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Our beautiful Kosciuszko National Park and its unique fauna and flora have been trampled by thousands of hooves for too long, and we need your help.

Kosciuszko is in desperate need of a new Kosciuszko horse management plan.

No more delays. No more distractions or diversions. Just a plan displayed to the public within a reasonable time frame. That’s all we’re asking the Minister to provide. And we’re asking you to remind him.

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Email Tips +

  • Write a letter to Matt Kean asking him to release a date for the public exhibition of the draft Kosciuszko horse management plan.
  • Make your letter personal so it stands out, especially the first few sentences.
  • Your letter must be accurate, but also engaging and compelling.
  • Your letter needs to clearly identify the call to action.
  • Challenge yourself to stick to 100-200 words.